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There isn't a concrete definition of LOVE. This is love the way I see it in my eyes. Feel free to share your opinions, like, and share. I do read every comment and try my best to respond within that time frame. I'm going to try to keep this blog updated almost every Tuesday, Friday, and any other day I feel the need to express myself.| Live. Love. Inspire. -D.I.


Nothing, They Say.

It is good to be nice to others they say

Treat others how you want to be treated they say

When life throws you lemons make lemonade they say…

And people tend to say a lot of shit that they do not mean.

The only special girl in your world, ha.

I laugh at the thought of you running off with a stranger.

Leaving me behind with no consideration for what damage you would cause to my heart.

Find a man like your father he says.

A man who can go two weeks without telling you that he loves you and hopes that you’re okay.

And yeah I know, people tend to do a lot of shit that they do not mean to do.

I have no favorites she says

I love all of my children equally she says.

Except me right?

I don’t want to be your mother she yelled.

Months before packing my things and putting me out.

And then she says, I just can’t trust that you won’t do the same things that you’ve done in the past.

You are beautiful you say

Over and over again

And strong too.

But what is on the outside does not show what is on the inside.

And sometimes I wish they would say what I wanted to hear.

But that seems to be the only time that they say nothing.


Caged Dream (inspiration: Maya Angelou’s Caged Bird)

She stands on the grave of dreams.

Her feet worn and tired

Aching from the long road behind her.



Open wounds

Heart aches

Fears of not being what he wanted…

All behind her.

She stands on the grave of dreams

Hoping that one day she might get a break

That one day one of her dreams will sprout from the lifeless dirt her feet stand upon.

It only takes one strong gust of wind to knock her down face first.

And for a while she lays there with a mouth full of dirt

And she will maybe shed a tear or two or possibly even a few

If that will help her to get her dream to grow faster.

She stands on the grave of dreams.

With a blank stare

Never blinking once, fearing that she might lose sight of a good one.

Lose sight of a good one…

She shakes the thought away.

Not wanting any negative thoughts to stunt the growth of what she is hoping for.

And she stands on the grave of dreams

Dreaming of things that are too unrealistic to become a reality.

Love Overdose

Some feelings just seem to have bad timing.

Defining Love.

There’s nothing like a glass of heartbreak to swallow right before bed… I’m only half way through the first glass and my head is spinning. I thought overdosing on love was suppose to be a good thing. Damn every dream I have is turning into a nightmare. The air is intoxicated with love and it’s suffocating me. Who would’ve thought that love… Our love would be the death of me. But I’d rather die than to argue with you forever.

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Nothing is forever

I once believed that I was on top of the world.

That nothing else mattered because I had all that I needed.

Never would I have to ask for seconds

Because my plate always had just enough on it.

I even once believed that ‘I love you’ meant something so much deeper.

And please don’t judge me.

Because the best thing a girl could be in this world is a pretty little fool.


I wanted to so hard believe that everything was… well everything.

Everything that you said and more.

But everything is nothing.

And nothing lasts forever in this world.




I’ve found that you can love some one until the oceans split…

Only to end up with a mouth full of sand.

Do you feel accomplished?

I let you into me again…only to play the same broken keys.

Left to sort through words and promises

Left to figure out what was and what wasn’t.

And I hope you feel accomplished because you’ve completely broken me.

Cold Hands

Pinned against the wall

His skin clawed under my finger nails

From desperately trying to fight him off

And failing.

The strength of his grip around my wrists

Were like heavy metal chains all knotted in a way that was unbreakable.

I still remember the stains that marked his dirty tee.

I remember his deep breathing.

His hot breath hitting my neck

While he forcefully pushed his self into me.

Slowly murdering my innocence.

Tears streaming.

My voice that was once loud

Now empty and vacant.

Purpled bruises decorate my wrist.

He leaves me with cold hands.

Cold hands that now holds onto secrets

cold hands that now rest on someone Else’s heart.

And I hope that they can forgive me

Forgive me for transferring these scars onto theirs.

And now all people see when they look at me is a dark void.

Yellow caution tape strangling my body.

My hands now filled with pills that are eventually sliding down my throat.

Hard liquor running after.

I do not want to feel a thing

I do not want to feel life

When all it does is tattoo pain on my heart

That I can not remove.

I just wanted to die then and there.

And apart of me felt like I already had.

But now I am stuck with these cold hands.

These cold hands that leave the hearts of many frozen.





No Sleep


I could feel it pouring inside of me.

Filling my body with just enough to avoid any pouring out.

I could not lay another second in bed.

My feet made forceful love with the wooden floors of the room.

With each step there was a moan released.

The shadow of a nearby tree danced across the walls.

At times giving me a fright…

I would occasionally let out a little chuckle about how fearful I was being.

Sleepy but afraid to rest my eyes.

Afraid that my eyes would carry me off into a nightmare.

A place that I did not wish to be.

And so I refused to lay down and fall asleep.